March 1, 2014
Business Trade Mission
Business Trade Mission (Tehran, Iran, 29 Oct-1Nov 2015)
September 23, 2015




From 18-20 February we went to the beautiful Kish Island, which is part of Iran. We had the pleasure to support the second edition of the International Kish Poultry & Livestock Expo by organizing the second international VIV pavilion. A modest number of companies joined the pavilion. Due to some international restrictions (or hesitations) a considerable number of companies participated via their local distributor.

Despite the challenges everyone agrees that Iran is a country with a lot of potential. It is expected that the newly installed Government will follow a modern course. At this moment Iran only uses 1/3 of the total agricultural capacity. Therefore a much heard remark was: “We will monitor the developments in Iran very closely. There is a positive vibe; something might happen soon.”

In 2015 K.P.L.E took place in beautiful Kish Island, located in the Persian Gulf, with mild weather in February ranges from 19-26 Celsius, everyone found out much more its magnificent attractions. Besides, what made this event outstanding are:

* VIV presence and back up with its exclusive pavilion

* Participation of the Center for Trade Development of Islamic Countries besides stake holders of poultry and husbandry industries from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Ukraine, UAE and other Persian Gulf States which opens gates to intact markets.

* Opportunities to meet a spectrum of visitors consisting of managers, experts, investors, farm owners, wholesalers, retailers, equipment, feed, and additives suppliers, pharmacy and veterinary companies, heads of syndicates, vets, governmental decision makers, and visitors from the world over.

* Various technical seminars and workshops by the event with international speakers which could absorb groups of experts.

* Kish Island tourist magnificent tourist appeal

Finally we had a place to meet the people in the business in Iran

In addition the following comments were provided:

  • It was a good introduction to the market.
  • High quality of visitors.
  • Well organized exhibition, Sunsafa Company as VIV World Wide co-operator.
  • Perfect timing in February; low season and mild climate.
  • Visitors are looking for new technology.

The target groups that were of interest and which were also sufficiently represented were:

  • Poultry producers
  • Layer farmers
  • Broiler farmers
  • Technicians
  • Local and regional dealers for poultry equipment
  • Feed manufacturers