It is now time for all, Iran is ready

February 28, 2016
Tabriz 14th International Poultry & Livestock Exhibition 2016
April 18, 2016

It is now time for all, Iran is ready


The sanctions towards Iran are derestricted. A new era of international collaboration starts. Therefore, the business trade missions to get a comprehensive insight into the Iranian economy and culture, especially the poultry industry.

Iran is among the world’s top 10

Iran is among the world’s top ten markets for broiler meat and 10th largest table egg producer in the world. Per capita consumption of poultry meat is around 25 kg and table egg 11 kg, despite the fact that these are the lowest-priced animal protein. As one can conclude the country has the potential for continued growth.

Due to the lifted economic sanctions, it is obvious that there is an incipient presence of foreign capital attracted by the unique competitiveness of the segment, a presence that is expected to expand in the coming decade.

Iran, the biggest and richest country in the Persian Gulf region, is a significant world importer of soybeans, corn, corn gluten meal, all kind of feed additives and bovine and poultry meats.  The new stability is most certainly among the top structural differences between Iran of 2012 and that of the present day.  Agribusiness is at the root of this structural change, and meats are among the leading “new” agricultural products that have contributed to this shift.

Other events and trade mission add to appeal and visit Iran again

Iran Business Trade Mission will offer many business opportunities for the attendee. Achieving maximum results in several days can be very challenging. Aiming at optimizing their results based on their sales and marketing objectives, this mission will be a possibility to create more attention around the attendee brand and products and they will find opportunities to meet the managers expert’s, investor in Iran Poultry sector, Poultry farm owner consisting (Broiler, Layer, Breeder) wholesaler, retailers, equipment& feed additives suppliers, pharmacy & veterinary companies, head of syndicates, vets, governmental decision makers.

The upcoming exhibition opportunities

Sunsafa as partner of VIV worldwide in Iran is quite a well-known and highly reputed dynamic company in the field of intensive animal farming events which is zoomed exhibition and trade events pertaining to feed to meet and offers upcoming International poultry & Livestock Expo & summit in 2016-2017