FOOD ENGINEERING Completing the total food chain

September 22, 2018
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December 25, 2018

FOOD ENGINEERING Completing the total food chain


Completing the total food chain

The current VIV Asia value chain already covers a part of the downstream meat production. VIV Asia 2017 hosted over 60 companies related to slaughtering and further processing, while 16.6% of the total visitors in 2017 indicated slaughtering and processing as a sector in their interest.

Focus on Downstream
Undoubtedly the most sought-after service that has grown in demand over the previous editions of VIV Asia. Food Engineering takes place when the slaughtering part begins, when companies step in to process the product before it hits the market and the retail business.


Double exhibitor space in 2019
The exhibition space that is reserved for Food Engineering is doubled, comparing to the slaughtering & processing section of VIV Asia 2017. Over 100 global suppliers will present their equipment, products and services in further processing, logistics, refrigeration, food/ meat ingredients, and packaging. A dedicated program for visitors will be disclosed soon. 

How do we engineer it? 
VIV team analyses market trends, opportunities and current needs and links industry professionals through the vertical chain in the target market. A wide array of services covering conferences, summits and exhibitors presenting feed ingredients, additives, breakthrough animal health practices & products, multi-specie breeding & technological advances are the strong basis of VIV expertise …the good-old VIV recipe, going beyond a simple showcase! 

Holland Pavilion 
In cooperation with VNU Exhibitions Europe, Orange Exhibition Management B.V. (OEM) will organise for the first time the Holland Pavilion within the Food Engineering sector at VIV Asia 2019. Click here for more information.